Friday 8 February 2008

Stress Management in Army

1. Unit Level

(A) Strictly follow unit routine.
(b) Compulsory physical training and games.
(c) Sunday must be left free.
(d) Barakhanas with minimum working, maximum pleasure.
(e) Motivational lectures.
(f) Involvement of officers in all the routine activities.
(g) Celebration of battle honour days.
(h) Recreational activity like tambola, movies, picnics on sundays/holidays.
(j) Healthy competitions.
(k) Immediate response to individuals’ personal problems.
(l) Follow a liberal leave policy to prevent mental stress.
(m) Advance planning of each individual. It is said that 40% of the stress can be reduced if a person is told well in advance.
(n) Improve quality of life in accomodation, health & hygiene.
(o) Ensure food and clothing  as authorised.

2. Higher Headquarter

(a) Minimum events; let unit follow policy given by the higher Headquarter.
(b) Give more leeway to units.
(c) Assist units to achieve goals rather than demand excellence alone.
(d) Address problems pertaining to food, clothing and accomodation.
(e) Create harmony rather than competitiveness.
(f) Provide facilities to ensure job satisfaction at lowest level.

Causes of Non Combat Stress in Army

1. General reasons Causing Stress in Army

(A) Individual Aspects.
(B) Increased Combat Involvement.
(C) Lack Of Accomodation.
(D) Lack Of Education Facilities.
(E) Lack Of Motivation.
(G) Frequent Postings.
(H) Lack Of Resources.
(J) Training Never Carried As Planned.
(K) Image Of Armed Forces.
(L) Uncertainity Of Second Career.

2.  General reasons Causing Stress in Officers

(A) Shortage.
(B) Too Many Demands.
(C) Acr.
(D) Promotion Boards.
(E) Promotion Exams/Courses.
(F) Increased Paper Wk/Docu.
(G) Impromptu Addl Wk/ Responsibilities.
(H) High Expectations.

3. General reasons Causing Stress in Soldiers
(A) Less Time.
(B) Degrading Emp.
(C) Lack Of Recreational Outlets.
(D) Demand Of Modernisation.
(E) Posting To Counter Insurgency operations areas.

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Managing Combat Stress in Soldiers

1. Improved training.

2. Sharing of tasks.

3. Physical fitness.

4. Adventure training.

5. Simulator training.

6. Leadership styles.

7. Recognising stress.

8. Basic characteristics of recruits.pbor.

10. Medical setup.

11. Yoga.

Causes of Combat Stress in Soldiers

1. Battlefield conditions.
2. Sleep deprivation.
3. Environmental factors.
4. Cumulative effect of stressors.

Non Combat Stress for Soldiers

Home sickness, lack of physical comfort, change in dietery habits, excessive physical demands, lack of sexual outlets, extreme climates, lack of comn between seniors and subordinates leads to restlessness,lack of motivation, tremulousness and even panic attacks.

Tuesday 29 January 2008

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Monday 28 January 2008

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1. Undertaking Yoga enables one to be relieved of stress to a great extent; however it is advised that one must undertake the same under the supervision of an expert.

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Sunday 27 January 2008

Break free from Stress

1. One can break free from stress by having a 'Bindaas' attitude. One should not keep on groping in dark about the future.

2. Let the things take its own course and leave some of the things to the almighty to let the things happen in their own style.

Stress: Creator of a Number of Diseases

1. Stress can cause a number of diseases. I met one of my senior who has suffered diabetes due to the stress caused due to financial problem.

2. Thus it dispels the notion that diabetes can occur only in case one of the family members have the disease as stress has added new dimension to it in causing this problem.

Stretch Mark Prevention Cream

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Friday 4 January 2008

Support Group

1. In case one is feeling stressed there is no harm in undertaking recourse through a support group.

2. Do not have infallible and perfectionist standards for yourself.

3. Do not take recourse to drinking or drugs due to stress and instead speak to somebody and support group is the best via media.

4. Remember that misery doesn't just like company as it likes miserable company.

5. Through a support group one can see a problem from a different perspective.

6. Avail facility of online support groups.

7. Use crisis hot line if you find it difficult to open up in a face to face meeting.

8. If everything fails than speak to a psychiatrist.

Turn to Homor

1. Develop the ability to laugh at yourself. Laugh at your own mistakes.

2. Learn to exaggerate your flaws and make them look silly.

3. Have a noise making toy with you which can make a noise to show your disagreement by squeezing it.

3. Write your most embarrassing moments.

4. Make it a habit to reframe reality to suit your needs.

5. Read novels and fictions which uplift your spirits.

Managing Boss

1. Wonderful tips from the web which enables an individual to manage irritating boss in a manner which is of use for the individual to rise ahead in life.

2. Do take time to read the same and implement if feasible.

Exciting Online Casino

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Thursday 3 January 2008

Can Stress Be Good?

1. It must be an amazing question that is the stress good for an individual and at times the answer to said question is yes due to following reasons as listed below:

2. It helps to produce the best in an individual.

3. It makes an individual understand his responsibilities.

4. It leads to enhanced productivity.

5. It leads to less marital discord on lighter side as a person will be busy with his job and thus lesser reasons to fight with the better half.

Travelling with a Pet

1. Travelling with a dog can lead to a lot of mental stress during any journey. A few interesting tips for travelling with the pets can help one to combat the jouyrney related stress.

2. Do have a look at the article from the web.

How to Avoid Holiday Stress?

1. Stress is such a evil that it is caused even by those occasions which is supposed to des tress an individual.

2. An interesting article from the web makes an interesting reading and do take time off to have a quality holiday time.

Beat Stress With Online Backgammon

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Saturday 29 December 2007

Healthy Life Style reduces Stress

1. One can reduce the stress considerably if one is living a healthy life style. One is able to become mentally resilient and thus one can cope cope stress effectively.

2. One can develop support networks to relieve stress.

3. Moreover one can have a quality pastime to manage stress.

4. Become more focused and energetic in life and thus one will be able to manage stress in a better maNNER.


Techniques for Relaxation

1. Stress leads to a number of the body reactions like burning sensation in stomach or feeling like vommitting.

2. These unpleasant stresses produce feeling of sickness before an important performance and thus an individual is not able to produce the best

3. Take deep breathing before an important assignment or drink a glass of water to feel relaxed and do remember God.

Be Rational While dealing With Stress

1. It has been seen that the situation do not demand tremendous stress but it is the internal anxiety which contributes to stress in a marked manner.

2. it is actually our reaction to the situation which cause stress to the body.

3. Try to be friends with your colleagues and workers and make them feel important so that they can be supportive in your times of crisis.

4. Avoid negative feeling as it unnecessarily increases stress.

Burnout Can Be Disastrous

1. The ultimate culminnation of stress is the burnout which should be avoided at all stages. it is one of the real threat to people in challenging and stressful jobs.

2. Burnout syndrome is associated with feelings of intense tiredness and disillusionment.

3. Burnout brings the feeling of unhappiness

4. One should avoid being burnt out and must take a break else it may lead to an end to a rewarding career.

Friday 28 December 2007

Become a Professional Online Backgammon Player

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Wednesday 26 December 2007

Remarkable Holdem Calculator

1. I have seen people praying while playing online poker whereas one just requires a
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Tuesday 25 December 2007

Learn to say 'No'

1. One must learn to say no as always appeasing people may not be healthy for an individual. DO not keep it to your heart that you have to become God by accepting all the wrongs to avoid getting sacrificed at the altar of glory.

2. Its good to be helpful but to a limit which should not affect your lifestyle and family mattrers. People generally forget the good things done by you for them and needs to be reminded time and again.

Can Anger Be Healthy?

1. One need not be always reasonable and should express his/her anger even at the cost of annoying the other individual as it enables one to get rid of the unwanted stress.

2. Use these statements to express your anger in a positive manner like "I don't like", "I just feel what's happening isn't right or useful," , "I don't like you" (at this moment; as opposed to "You idiot" or "You always screw up") or "I'm angry right now" works quite well.

Charity Through Boat Donation

1. I once touched a plant which caused rashes on my hand and also caused the stings. When I showed the same to my mother she said life is also like this plant which stings all those who are afraid of it but hugs those who hold it daringly and fearlessly and asked me to go and hold the same plant tightly and let her know the result.

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3. I am glad that despite number of pitfalls the organization is promoting work for humanity through Boat Donations and is even arranging to pick up the same from an individual's location. Moreover individual undertaking the donation gets the tax break as a bonus.

Saturday 22 December 2007

Undertaking Hobby can Be a Great Destresser

1. One can have a hobby which can be either active or reflective or a combination of both like gardening.

2. Generally hobbies is pursued in isolation but it can be even undertaken in a group like horse riding in a group or hiking in forests and mountains etc.

3. Research is able to predict that writing our problems and expressing our emotions is stress relieving.

4. A warning signal is visible if one is not able to get a hobby which provides him/her with satisfaction.

Reduce Stress by Exercising

1. One can reduce the stress by exercising regularly and one must undertake the regular physical exercise 3-5 times a week for 35 mins and it may range from jogging, walking, swimming, biking, dancing, aerobics, etc.

2. it is no doubt a known fact that the exercise releases certain chemicals which enhances moods like like endorphins, the mind-body's natural painkiller and mood calmer.

3. Even brisk walking for 2-3 Kilometers enables one to experience a tangible sense of
accomplishment and control.

Medical Assistant Schools

1. It is an individual's desire to attain the financial freedom but the same is only feasible if one is in an industry which is a sun rising industry and thus the youth needs to be guided for the same and to me health care sector appears to be the most promising one as one can undertake the education from the best medical assistant schools and thus the best jobs are available for them as x-ray technician, ultrasound technician, dental assistant and these jobs are high paying jobs as it requires one to handle sophisticated equipment.

2. Thus if one is on the threshold of undertaking the professional course than one must consider undertaking medical assistant training programs and the schools selected through the online portal guarantees the quality of education provided by the school.

3. It is no doubt that these medical assistant programs requires a dedicated effort on the part of an individual as it can make a difference between life and death but it is a small price to pay as one is serving the mankind and is also able to feel the pulse of the most uprising sector and thus can cash on the available opportunities to progress in life.

Thursday 13 December 2007

Disclaimer Stress related Tips

1. It is a Known fact that stress can cause innumerous health problems and, in extreme cases, may even cause death.

2. While these stress management techniques given on the blog have a positive effect on reducing stress but these are given purely for guidance only.

3. The readers should take the advice of suitably qualified health professionals and doctors to get their concerns for stress-related illnesses or if stress is causing significant or persistent unhappiness.

4. It is advised to seek professional help before making any major change in diet or levels of exercise. This site is no substitute for a visit to a doctor.

Aim of Blog

1. This weblog enables one to deal with job-related stress and all other type of stresses ranging from marital stress to finance related stress.

2. On the blog one will be able to get self-help and support to overcome stress in a range of situations which varies from individuals seeking solutions; or a professional caring for clients suffering from stress; Or in HR or Personnel and dealing with workplace pressures.

3. All the help available is completely free.

Managing Stress

1. I found an interesting application on the web where one can resolve stress with his Boss by making him a punching bag and one can keep on hitting on the boss till it bleeds profusely.

2. Definitely this application helped me to get rid of my frustration against my boss asit helped me to relieve my tension as I could at least theoretically my boss and take out my grudges against my boss.

Online Backgammon available in Six Languages

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Saturday 1 December 2007

How to Manage Boss

1. Boss is the biggest stress producer in any organisation as a boss is generally over demanding and at times may see employees with jaundiced eye.

2. If you are a professional, than one can write a demi official letter to the boss and can apprise him about the problems which are tormenting you as an individual.

3. I can assure you that by doing this act you have passed your stress to your boss as he can be sued in case he undertakes any dire consequence against you as the matter has been reported in black and white and do make sure that you get the same recorded in your letter receipt register as a record.

Play Online Backgammon Games

1. Stress is taking its toll on the human due to lack of activities which provides pleasure to an individual as these activities are timed and a person due to his/her tight schedule is not able to cope with the time factor.

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Monday 12 November 2007

Manage Finances Properly to avoid Stress

1. One must make sure that he spends with in his limitations to avoid running for money at the last moment.

2. It is over expenditure at the spur of movement which causes a great deal of stress and it is an unwanted stress.

3. Thus it becomes all the more important to stay with in the means else an individual gets into wrong means to cover up the deficit.

Best Car at Affordable Prices

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Remove Stress With Honesty

1. In our lives most of the time stress is caused because of our dishonest actions like stealing a rubber or a pencil from office stationary.

2. Corruption is also a big source as undertaking bribe for an ethical work also causes stress because of the fear of being caught.

3. So why undertake actions which cause unwanted stress. Keep your desires under control and live a happy and comfortable life.

Do You Want to Save Money For a new Vehicle Purchase?

1. It is amazing that internet has helped an average individual to save money in every field including purchase of new vehicles.

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Thursday 1 November 2007

Say No To Drugs

1. In case one is stressed than a number of options exists to get de stressed and should avoid taking the route of being addicted with heroine based drugs.

2. Easiest option to get de stressed is to be in the company of one's family and should avoid symptoms and circumstances which lead to the creation of the stress.

3. Taking recourse to the drugs is the easiest means but its very difficult to get out of its mesh>

Confidential Opiate Based Deaddiction Without Hospitalisation

1. I have seen the embarrassment being caused to those individuals who undertake hospitalization to get rid of opiate based addiction. The trauma and being branded as an addict continues through the life time and a person is not able to live with head held high despite having been cured of the addiction.

2. I found a good alternative for all those looking for effective opiate detoxification services and the same is being effectively treated at Meditox with suboxone treatment and it has enabled a number of people overcome their dependencies on prescription drugs, methadone, heroin and other opiates. The best part of their treatment is that it is home based and neither requires any hospitalization and nor requires the requirement of residential drug rehabilitation.

3. It is a reason to rejoice that suboxone treatment is now available near an individuals reach in form of opening of new Meditox center at Cherry, NJ and Edmonds, WA.

4. It is no doubt that Meditox has achieved breakthrough in
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Monday 22 October 2007

Stress is Self Created

1. I am of the firm conclusion that 90% of the time the stress is self created as generally it is the apprehensions with in our body which makes us believe wrong things and it creates stress in our body.

2. I give a personal example when I was on leave and my boss called me to meet at 9 PM at his residence and I got this message around 1 Pm and I was in stress during the whole day thinking that he wants to cancel my leave whereas the agenda of that meeting was not even remotely associated with my leave.

3. So above was the perfect example of a self created stress.